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PET for Heat Seal
PET for Microwave

PET for Heat sealable Applications.

Visibility and Blister Packaging.

Can be sealed by all conventional sealing methods including RF sealing

  • ProcessingPolyester chips for both mono layer and multi layer films
  • Compliance Details available on request
  • Special CharacteristicsHigh seal sytength, faster sealing cycles, recyclable, Superior alternative to PETG, PE, PVC, IV is cusomizable
  • Application Segments Instant drink powder, milk powder, juice powder, tea coffee, tomato ketch-up, liquid juices, cosmetics and personal care products
  • Delivery Form 1000Kg PP Jumbo Bags with LDPE liner


High quality Metallization, Printing and Lamination.

Good thermal, mechanical, optical and surface properties.

Excellent transparency and dimensional stability.

Transparent film with one-side corona and other side chemical coated.

EC114 - Chemical wound outside

EC141 - Chemical wound inside

  • ProcessingPolyester chips for both mono layer and multi layer films
  • ComplianceDetails available on request
  • Special CharacteristicsMicrowavable, Transparent
  • Application Segments Fresh Food packaging, Display Packaging, Tray Packaging
  • Delivery Form1000Kg PP Jumbo Bags with LDPE liner